Proven Quality

We have as quality policy the satisfaction of the clients in the elaboration of projects, always seeking to meet all the requirements applicable to the business and the strategy, committing itself to the continuous improvement of the systems.

Specialized Technical Assistance

The privileged location of LS Control guarantees delivery with special term and proximity to the execution of technical assistance services.

Custom Projects

We develop projects and solutions that fully meet the needs of our customers. For this work, we always use original software.

Special Machines

LS Control produces special machines for each type of customer, the application of the needs of each product is made from an exclusive project.

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Robotized Cells

LS Control develops technological projects to meet the needs of each customer, making each machine unique in its function.

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Rotary Friction Welding

Rotary friction welding is the technique used for circular welds where we use the rotation together with the application of pressure to join two pieces. One of the parts is attached to the rotating head and rotated against the other part, attached to the fixed device. The heat generated by the friction between two parts melts the plastic term that melts and when the rotation of the motor is interrupted produces a strong and tight seal.

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