Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic welding technology is the process in which the plastic surface of the part is melted by the application of vibrational energy generated by a piezoelectric transducer, once this energy has been generated it's transmitted to the Sonotrode that gets into friction with the soldering surface of the product, finalizing the process. As a result, we can observe a high quality weld, in a safe process with low cycle time.

LS Ultrasonic Welding equipment are designed to meet a wide range of products in the market for thermoplastic welding. All the projects are elaborated from the simplest to the most complex with high technology automation features for precise control of the welding process.

LS Control has an excellent partnership with the Germany company Herrmann Ultrasonics. In the construction of Ultrasonic Welding equipment, LS Control uses Herrmann Converters and Generators, which are internationally recognized and have great market acceptance.

We can use the Ultrasonic technology in applications for: Welding, Inserting, Sealing and Cutting Thermoplastic and non-woven films.


At LS Control we have a team of development, design and execution specialized in the elaboration of Sonotrodes to provide the best solution for our client needs.

We manufacture Sonotrodes for equipment built by LS Control and also for spare parts in other equipment.

The LS Control Sonotrodes are built using only the best quality material, which can be in Aluminum, Titanium and Steel with 15, 20, 35 or 40KHZ and are designed with an aid of a finite element analysis tool and tested by an analyzer of frequency and tuning of Sonotrodes, we focus on an excellent finish that guarantees the durability and quality of the product.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the Ultrasonic Welding process in your application, we’ll be glad to perform a study / welding test for your product.